Digital Information World announced today that that there has beencasino games computer car desk accessories in the first half of this year aimed at the password autofill features and cookies in browsers.  The annoucement comes based on research conducted by Kaspersky showing that attacks have risen to almost one million in just the first half of 2019.

These malware attacks are referred to as “Password-stealing ware” or “PSW.” PSWs may grab passwords, autofill data, payment details and more from browser cookies, the user’s computer or app files.

This is particularly worrysome because many users turn to help from their browser for managing their passwords and sensitive data simply because it’s convenient. It’s not easy to remember a slew of “strong” passwords for every single website.

Of course, malware, by definition cannot infect a physical password logbook or password journal. The key is to keep the journal both accessible and away from prying eyes. Of course, we think the best solution is our “Hidden in Plain View” books as detailed here in this website.

Of course, no password management solution is 100% secure. Whether you manage your passwords electronically or physically, make sure to keep your password data to yourself, change passwords often and watch your financial and personal information for any potential threats.