Ever wonder what started all of these passwords? black jack ac dc and interview with Fernando Corbató in the Wall Street Journal answers that question. It is interesting to see that one of the main “founders” of modern computer passwords finds it as difficult as we do to keep track of them all. My favorite takeaway is this – Corbató has admitted to using “a crib sheet(s)” to store over 150 passwords.

Tsk, tsk, tsk Mr. Corbató, couldn’t anyone just find those three pages of your most secret passwords?

In the article,  Corbató says he isn’t guarding any great secrets. Maybe you and I aren’t either – but one’s entire identity is at risk if one’s passwords get out or are lost.

Perhaps we’ll track down Mr.  Corbató and send him one of our “Hidden in Plain View Books.” You know, the kind that keeps your passwords organized and are designed to keep your passwords hidden…in plain view. Seems only fitting that one of the people who helped to start all of this password stuff would have a better way to keep track of them than on a “crib sheet.”

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